Curriculum for Wales

  • As a result of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021 and commitments to provide further guidance on specific aspects of the curriculum, changes have been made to the Curriculum for Wales guidance in the following areas:

    • updates to the Curriculum for Wales introduction
    • updates to the statements of what matters in most areas of learning and experience (Areas)
    • updates to the overarching principles of progression and in all Areas
    • the addition of EOTAS guidance in the designing your curriculum section
    • the addition of British Sign Language guidance in the languages, literacy and communication Area

    Further additions and updates will be made at the end of 2021 including on assessment, Relationships and sexuality education and legislation guidance.

National Network for Curriculum Implementation

The National Network will be an opportunity for all interested practitioners to get involved in national co-construction to address our shared challenges and opportunities.

Getting started

What happens next

  1. 2020 Jan New curriculum and assessment arrangements finalised and available
  2. 2021 Sep Schools to prepare for first teaching of their curriculum
  3. 2022 Sep Schools using the new curriculum - Nursery to Year 7
  4. 2023+ New curriculum rolled out to Years 8 to 11 between 2023 and 2026