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Education Achievement Service

Education Achievement Service for South East Wales

The five local authorities of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen have formed an Education Achievement Service (EAS) which is designed to raise education standards in South East Wales.

Standards in schools have got progressively worse and recent secondary school banding information revealed that South East Wales had the highest number of schools in the lower bands. This information highlights the underperformance in schools, and the need for a significant shift in the way that education services are structured to support improvement. It also shows where the greatest need is in the region and where the EAS will need to focus its resources.

The EAS has been created by the five local authorities to raise education standards. By working together as part of an integrated service to support and challenge schools effectively, enhance front line services and make the most of the available resources, progress will take place quickly and effectively.

The service will intensely monitor, support and challenge schools. Benefits of the service include increased capacity to support schools that require challenge, using data more effectively to focus on outcomes, identifying good practice across schools that can be used to improve outcomes, more efficient administration and facilitating professional learning communities.

For more information visit www.sewales.org.uk (this link will open in a new browser window)

Hwb+ Accredited Trainers

Picture of Emily Regan

Emily Regan

Emily is the Head of ICT at Risca Community Comprehensive School, based in the Caerphilly Borough. Emily has experience of utilising various learning platforms for the enhancement of teaching and learning. Emily is keen to collaborate with schools both locally and nationally to develop ideas on how Hwb+ can be utilised effectively in schools to support key focuses such as literacy and numeracy development, as well as using it to drive forward home-school links. RCCS has been identified as a ‘lead school’ to share experiences with Hwb+ and Emily is also a member of the 21st Century Learning group.

Picture of Chris Owen

Chris Owen

Chris Owen is a Primary School Teacher and the ICT Co-ordinator in Gilfach Fargoed Primary School. He has been a teacher for 5 years, with 4 years experience in a Year 3/4 class and a year experience in both junior and foundation phase classrooms, as part of his professional development goals. Chris has a keen interest in ICT/digital learning and how it can be implemented across all areas of learning through different age ranges. He has a strong belief in using and implementing ICT to further engage learners while informing pupils of the vast opportunities it provides them for their future. He thinks the Hwb+ platform has potential for not only developing positive attitudes towards ICT and online learning but the links it provides with the wider community. He is keen for others to develop their confidence in using the Hwb+ platform, regardless of ability or experience, and have a bit of fun while doing so!

Picture of Louise Rennie

Louise Rennie

Louise is a HOD of Computing and IT at Lewis School Pengam, working in the IT industry since the early 80's, initially as an applications trainer and for the last 13 years as a Secondary School Teacher, Moderator and Examiner for GCSE and A level. Louise is interested in incorporating Hwb+ across the school as a whole. She believes that the ability to make resources available to pupils outside of learning hours will encourage them to be more independent and raise achievement. She wants to also empower teachers with the ability to use Hwb+ effortlessly by uploading lesson resources, videos, assignments etc. Louise thinks the Hwb+ platform can raise pupils’ enthusiasm and skills attainment in literacy and numeracy.

Picture of Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Chris has worked in ICT supporting schools for the past 12 years and currently works for Caerphilly CBC as an Intranet Co-ordinator. He is passionate about education and technology and has lots of experience with learning environments.

Picture of Anthony Ager

Anthony Ager

Anthony is an Associate Assistant Director at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community, Wales' first 3-16 state school. In his current role, one of his responsibilities is the provision of e-Learning within the school and specifically the introduction of Hwb+. Anthony has experience in supporting both senior and middle leaders with the implementation and delivery of new initiatives that have been successful in raising standards within the classroom. He is currently developing a programme of training that specifically looks at how Hwb+ can be used to support The Welsh Government's agenda for tackling the poverty gap and improving literacy and numeracy in schools. He has experience teaching in a variety of different sectors and has worked with both primary and secondary colleagues in different contexts. Anthony is keen to support colleagues looking to further develop e-Learning in their schools by offering practical advice and guidance tailored to suit their individual needs.