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Each month this page will feature information about an online safety, cyber security or data protection topic that will help keep children and young people safe online.

Updated live-streaming and video-conferencing guidance

Originally issued in May 2020 (entitled Live-streaming safeguarding principles and practice for education practitioners) during the COVID-19 outbreak, this guidance outlined considerations for practitioners to live-stream with learners from home safely and securely. The document formed part of the continuity of learning ‘Stay Safe. Stay Learning.’ programme and was aimed at maintained settings in Wales.

In September 2020 the guidance was updated to reflect instances where practitioners and learners are back in the classroom. However, it still retains guidance on working and learning from a home environment.

A number of stakeholders including Estyn, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, the E-sgol project, the Safeguarding in Education Group, SWGfL, Hendredenny School, as well the Regional Education Consortia contributed to the updated guidance.

The main updates included:

  • New guidance on Google Meet, which is now part of the Hwb offering.
  • New section on live-streaming with external organisations.
  • New section clarifying the number of practitioners required in different instances.
  • Further guidance around the definitions of sessions and lessons.
  • Clarifications around video conferencing and live-streaming.
  • Clarifications around sessions for those with Additional Learning Needs.
  • Expanding the audience of the document to include therapists, educational psychologists, special educational needs coordinators (SENCo)/additional learning needs coordinators (ALNCo), support assistants and teaching assistants, youth workers, youth support staff, learning advisory staff that support learners and peripatetic services.

There are also new practical guides available to support practitioners with getting started and using Microsoft Teams and Google Meet in our Support Centre.